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Peace Love Leotards Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded by Alexandra de Roos when she was just 8 years old. Since 2011, the mission of Peace Love Leotards has been to bridge the socioeconomic gap in the performing arts by donating dancewear and providing virtual training videos to underprivileged children. 


For a child to learn dance in a formal setting, the costs alone can be prohibitive. One practice leotard plus one pair of tights and one pair of dance shoes can cost a minimum of $75. By partnering with dance studios for the collection of used dancewear and dancewear companies to obtain new dancewear, we are able to help provide children interested in dance with the resources to do so. In addition, we also provide free virtual dance classes so that children that wouldn’t normally have access to formal training, can now participate in dance.


By donating to Peace Love Leotards, either through in-kind or financial donations, you are providing children with the opportunity to pursue their love for dance. Donate today!

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Are you a dance student in need of dancewear, or a dance teacher who knows of a student in need of dancewear? If so, please click here to apply.

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The Benefits of Dance

Participating in dance teaches a child teamwork, organization, scheduling and discipline; plus, studies have shown that children who participate in dance perform better in STEM subjects. Not all children will grow up to make dance their profession, but the skills they learn while cultivating a passion and the joy they receive just by participating in the performing art of dance is priceless, it just shouldn’t be cost prohibitive. 

Who We've Helped

We've donated over 200 items of dancewear and dance shoes to students struggling to obtain their necessary dancewear.


We want to be able to provide children with the opportunity to develop a love and joy for dance. There are many exciting things ahead including ways you can help dancers in your area. 

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Delores Barr Weaver Legacy Fund


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